Hi, my name is Steve Whiston and I want to thank you for visiting my website.  Here's a little background about me and my love for photography - I hope you enjoy your visit.

I'm a photographer specializing in landscape, nature, travel, and street photography.  Although my formal education is in aeronautical engineering, my passion for photography has allowed me to combine an eye for composition with my love of the outdoors and to draw upon my extensive travels to help express the world as seen through a 35mm viewfinder.  My work combines classic film-based photographic techniques with the latest digital imaging technologies.  This blending of the time-proven elements of composition and lighting with digital methods and hardware makes for a much wider and diverse range of expression than previously possible. 

Living in the Seattle area for more than thirty years, I am always looking for new ways (and the perfect light) to explore all the photo opportunities that abound in the Pacific Northwest and anywhere else my travels may take me - all the while seeking out patterns, textures, and the interplay of light on scenes that defines the beauty of the landscapes all around us.
"Success for me is when the viewer feels the same emotional pull or attachment as I felt the moment I hit the shutter button.  To me, this is the ultimate challenge for a professional photographer, to create an image that makes the viewer want to dwell, to see all aspects inside the frame, and hopefully to feel a connection to the scene that is more than just the pleasing aesthetic elements of composition and lighting."
My Fine Art print clients include private residences, commercial businesses, and academic institutions. My work has been featured in product and facility brochures, magazine and book covers, music album covers, business web-sites - along with electronic publications such as blogs and travel e-magazines.  For stock imagery, I am represented by Getty Images.
My work has been recognized in a variety of competitions including being a three-time award winner in Epson's International Panorama Competition, a two-time winner in Aviation Week magazine's annual photo contest, a finalist in Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine's competition, and numerous awards in local photo competitions.
I use Canon professional-grade digital SLR equipment, including a wide variety of camera bodies and lenses.  I use both mirrorless and traditional SLR equipment in my work.  My Fine Art prints are made with Epson's archival inks and premium papers or similar gallery quality materials if my outside lab is used (for larger-sized prints).
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